February 12, 2018

Young Adult

If you have ever asked, “How could our church better connect with and reach young adults?” then you are in a normal church. How to do young adult ministry is one of the more perplexing conundrums of many churches.

Making traction in the area of young adult ministry is far from impossible, but by no means is it easy. As a matter of fact, we at Kingman First Southern have been digging our heels deep into understanding and connecting with a young adult demographic. Over the past year we have had some wins and made some mistakes, but we remain committed to connecting young adults to our local body of believers.

We have learned that the current people in young adult ministries love to be connected. With that end the staff have been working diligently to create new and exciting ways our young adults can connect with activities. We are constantly looking for fresh ideas and fresh faces to help young adults understand their worth in the Kingdom or God.

For more information, call the main office at 928-753-3238 and let us get you in contact with someone that will help you.